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Performance for Helicopters (EASA)

Performance for Helicopters (EASA)

Together with the books “Mass & Balance for Helicopters” and “Flight Planning for Helicopters”, this book covers the EASA Learning Objectives in “Flight Performance and Planning” as stated in the EASA ATPL pre 2020 syllabus for helicopters.


  • 140 pages
  • 63 illustrations
  • 49 questions


Aircraft Performance for the ATPL is split into two helicopter categories:

- Single Engine Piston (SEPH)
- Twin Engine Turbine (TETH)

The content of this book is produced in the same order, building up a complete understanding of helicopter performance from small to large helicopters. Before starting on the SEPH there are a number of terms and definitions that have to be understood. A number of EASA regulations concerning Performance are reproduced as they apply to each aspect of Performance.

EASA Syllabus - Edition 2.0 (2020)

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