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Distance / Blended learning platform

Distance Learning / Blended learning system ATPL(A) / CPL(A)

E-learning ATPL / CPL / IR – both for helicopters and fixed wing

Nordian’s E-learning system is available primarily to ATOs’. The system enables ATOs to deliver structured distance learning programs or to provide blended learning to its students.


It is a comprehensive system that includes:

  • EASA compliant Manuals /Books
  • Electronic versions of books
  • CBT lets
  • Animated models
  • Self Assessment- and Progress Tests, Re-Tests, School Exams • Online Question bank
  • Study guides
  • Access to a new Learning Management System


    Distance Learning

    Using Nordian Learning Management System as the primary learning arena. The ATO uses our new WEB based e-learning services, adapted to our EASA compliant learning material to conduct the ATPL course. Our e-learning service is charged as a per-student fee and the ATO uses its own resources for the entire course. Nordian supplies a complete EASA compliant Training System for the ATO to use as a turn-key solution. The ATO communicates with the student via different WEB based e-learning services. Student progression is monitored via online Progression Testing. The Instructors may add content to the course by publishing additional student material (text documents, images, CBT’s, WEB links and more) online, as desired.


    Blended Learning

    Using Nordian e-learning Management System as a flexible supplement to traditional on campus classroom-based instruction. This gives a more flexible training environment for both students and instructors. Instructors take advantage of access to numerous reports on student performance, which enable them to focus on student weak areas. The ATO gets the benefit of improved student progress monitoring and makes it easier to report student performance.



    If you are interested in using the Distance Learning / Blended Learning solution, please write to us