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Radio Navigation

Together with the book "General Navigation" this book covers the curriculum in "Navigation" as required by the EASA ATPL pre 2020 syllabus.

Main topics in this book are: Basic Radio Principles, NDB and ADF, VORs, DME, ILS, Marker Beacons, MLS, Radar Principles, Various types of primary and secondary radars, Weather Radar, Doppler Navigation, Hyperbolic Navigation, Loran C and Area Navigation Systems. Modern Global Navigation Satellite Systems GNSS are fully covered. So are modern aircraft systems like EFIS and FMS.

The coming system called CNS/ATM (short for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management) is Introduced at the end of the book. In today’s dense air traffic much consideration is being given to the creation of new procedures which will lead to more efficient fleet-wide operation. The integration of future ATM systems with the CNS functions in the aircraft avionics will enhance the ability to provide concise scheduling, optimized time control and well defined, reduced separation of traffic.


EASA Syllabus - Edition 8.0 (2020)

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