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General Navigation

General Navigation has always been considered one of the most demanding subjects for student pilots. With this book in General Navigation the student is provided with a great help in his or her effort to prepare for the ATPL exam.

Together with the book "Radio Navigation" this book covers the curriculum in "Navigation" as required by the EASA ATPL pre 2020 syllabus.

Central topics are: Directions and Speed, Triangle of Velocities, the Earth, Charts and Chart Projections, Practical Air Navigation, Solar System and Time, Point of Safe Return and Critical Point, Magnetism and Compasses, Inertial Navigation, Electronic Flight Instrument Systems EFIS, and Flight Management Systems FMS.

The book is full of examples and colorful illustrations and presents the Navigation subject in a very reader-friendly way. Although the book is written for student pilots, it is also suitable for people having an Interest of air navigation.


EASA Syllabus - Edition 8.0 (2020)

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