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This book is divided into two sections. Section one is the Reciprocating Engine, and cover topics like: Lubrication, Cooling, Ignition, Carburetion, Fuel Injection, Fuel Systems, Engine Performance, Power Augmentation, Handling and Propellers.

Section two is the Jet Engine, and covers topics like: Principles of Operation, Working Cycle, Intakes, Compressors, Combustion, Turbines, Exhaust, Thrust Augmentation, Internal and Bleed Air, Gearboxes, Ignition, Fuel, Lubrication, Noise Suppression, Ice protection, Control Indicators, Operation, Turbo-Props, APU and Ram Air Turbine.

Together with our books "Airframes and Systems", "Electrics" and "Instrumentation", the "Powerplant" book covers the curriculum In the "Aircraft General Knowledge" as required by the EASA ATPL pre 2020 syllabus.


EASA Syllabus - Edition 8.0 (2020)

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