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Principles of Flight Helicopter

Principles of Flight for Helicopters (EASA)

Principles of Flight for Helicopters take into hand the theory and the physical caracteristics needed for a lift-off and safe operation of helicopters.


  • 292 pages
  • 721 illustrations
  • 116 questions


Although this book is compliant with the EASA ATPL pre 2020 syllabus for helicopters and written to enable student pilots to pass the EASA exam, it is also highly recommended and suitable for others, who have an interest in helicopter aerodynamics.

The book covers a large number of topics related to the subject of aerodynamics. Some of the main topics are: Lift, Drag, Main Rotor Aerodynamics, Main Rotor Mechanics, Anti-Torque Systems, Helicopter Flight Mechanics, Equilibrium; Stability and Control, Transonic Aerodynamics and Compressibility Effects

EASA Syllabus (2018)


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